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Tecumseh!   |   Thin Warrior/Peshwua   |   Brent Gibbs   |   The Scioto Society, Inc. (OH)


The Light Princess- (Upcoming)   |   Man of Black Diamond   |   Michelle Milne   |   The Scroundrel & Scamp

Christmas Break- (Upcoming)   |   Jeremy   |   Samantha Severson   |   Winding Road

Stories that Soar- (in progress)   |   Various   |   Sharon O’Brien   |    Literacy Connects

Blood Wedding   |   The Moon   |   Bryan Falcon   |   The Scoundrel & Scamp  

The Brave Knight, Sir Lancelot   |   BOB   |   Ericka Quintero   |   Live Theatre Workshop

Murder at the Magic Show   |   Trixzee   |   Ross Horwitz   |   Murder & Mystery Playhouse

A Tucson Pastorela   |   Gabriel   |   Marc David Pinate   |   Borderlands


Romeo and Juliet   |   Tybalt   |   Chris Will   |   Pima Community College

Priscilla: Queen of the Desert   |   Adam Whitely   |   Todd Polestra   |   Pima Community College 

In The Heights   |   Ensemble   |   Todd Polestra   |   Pima Community College


Projection & Diction   |   Vocal   |   Anna Risley 

Projection in the Outdoors   |   Vocal   |   J.J Cobb

Summer Theatre   |   Acting   |   Mickey Nugent, Todd Polestra, & Ericka Quintero

Flamenco Dancing   |   Dance   |   Melissa Alejandra Aguirre Fernandez


Associates in Visual & Performing Arts, Pima Community College  (2019)

    Acting:      Ericka Quintero, Todd Polestra, Mickey Nugent, Nikki Martinez, Chris Will

    Singing:    Martha Reed, Darryl King

    Dance:      Mickey Nugent, Milta Ortiz-Pinate

    Voice:        Milta Ortiz-Pinate


International Thespian Festival

            Superior in Stage Management (The Square)

 Arizona Thespian Festival

            Superior/ Critic’s Choice In Monologue (Flashback! & Coriolanus)

            Superior in Stage Management (Las Nuevas Tamaleras)

 Southern AZ Festival of Theatre

            Superior/ National Qualifier in Stage Management (The Square)

            Superior/ National Qualifier in Group Musical (Five Forever)

            Superior/ National Qualifier in Monologue (Flashback! & Coriolanus)

            Superior/ National Qualifier in Stage Management (Las Nuevas Tamaleras)

            Superior/ National Qualifier in Solo Musical (Run Away With Me)

            Superior/ National Qualifier in Duet Scene (Math for Actors)


Flexible, Athletic, Walk in 6’’ Platform Heels, Flying System Experience, 25’ High Fall Experience