Tecumseh!   |   Thin Warrior/Peshwua   |   Brent Gibbs   |   The Scioto Society, Inc. (OH)


The Light Princess   |   Man of Black Diamond   |   Michelle Milne   |   The Scoundrel & Scamp

Stories that Soar- (Current)   |   Various   |   Sharon O’Brien   |    Literacy Connects

Blood Wedding   |   The Moon   |   Bryan Falcon   |   The Scoundrel & Scamp  

The Brave Knight, Sir Lancelot   |   BOB   |   Ericka Quintero   |   Live Theatre Workshop

Murder at the Magic Show   |   Trixzee   |   Ross Horwitz   |   Murder & Mystery Playhouse

A Tucson Pastorela   |   Gabriel   |   Marc David Pinate   |   Borderlands

Developmental Readings

Christmas Break   |   Jeremy   |   Samantha Severson   |  Winding Road Theatre Ensemble 


Romeo and Juliet   |   Tybalt   |   Chris Will   |   Pima Community College

Priscilla: Queen of the Desert   |   Adam Whitely   |   Todd Polestra   |   Pima Community College 

In The Heights   |   Ensemble   |   Todd Polestra   |   Pima Community College


Season of the Witch: The Last Sacrifice   |   Priest (Lead)   |   Carolyn Cavallero   |   Love Child Productions LLC 


Associates in Visual & Performing Theatre Arts, Pima Community College 

    Acting:      Ericka Quintero, Todd Polestra, Mickey Nugent, Nikki Martinez, Chris Will

    Singing:    Martha Reed, Darryl King

    Dance:      Mickey Nugent, Milta Ortiz-Pinate

    Voice:        Milta Ortiz-Pinate


Projection & Diction   |   Vocal   |   Anna Risley (Saturday Night Live)

Projection in the Outdoors   |   Vocal   |   J.J Cobb (UA)

Flamenco Dancing   |   Dance   |   Melissa Alejandra Aguirre Fernandez


International Thespian Festival (1)

 Arizona Thespian Festival (2)


 Southern Arizona Festival of Theatre (8)


Special Skills

Flexible, Athletic, Flying System Experience, 25’ High Fall Experience, Followed by Lady Gaga on Twitter

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