Blood Wedding

"I have to call out the performances of three individuals: Adrian Encinas, as The Moon, Leora Sapon-Sevin as Death, and De La Vergne. Encinas and Sapon-Sevin were creepy and spectacular. They used their bodies to create shapes of darkness and light. I was enraptured every time they move or spoke. They used their voices expertly to create silence, anger, pain and delight.


The Brave Knight, Sir Lancelot

"His sidekick Bob, played by Adrian Encinas, was so wonderfully funny and bright. His facial expressions and character vocalization added so much color to the dialogue and the show as a whole."

A Tucson Pastorela

"Their angelic opponents, also good with disguises, made appearances as Colin Kaepernick, Offred from “The Handmaid’s Tale,” and even Dora as Dora the Explorer. Kat McIntosh as Michael and Adrian Encinas as Gabriel, made doing good look good."


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